Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Privacy in case of you private details such as phone number and mail id’s will be confidential and not shared with anyone. The privacy in training is also very strict and follow the values of our SVR team.

Answer: Don’t worry if you are confused. We have multiple courses on demand. Before joining in any course, we give an overview on the overall training system and introduce you to the courses available at our SVR. This is done at our free live demo session. So there our one of the trainer makes you understand the benefits of getting trained. We guide you to take up the best course to make your career brighter.

Answer: Number of students is divided as per the count. Basically, we assist 4 to 5 members for each live session. If the number is big, we divide the students and arrange different slot timings to them. This makes each individual to interact with the trainer with ease and make them feel comfortable.

Answer: There are few things to follow:
• A good connection of internet as the lecture goes smoothly and understands well.
• Good speakers and headset which help you to communicate easily and clearly.
• Most important thing is having interest towards the class; this makes ultimate results at the end of training.

Answer: Yes, if you have a high speed connection it will work well. If not we will solve the issue and make out the things easier. So don’t worry and initiate the registration first.

Answer: No, we record the videos and mail directly to you. So there is no necessary for you take your time and download. We will make things go simple and encourages the wealth in our organization.

Answer: No, not necessarily. Each session is recorded and mailed to you. You can review previous classes anytime.

Answer: It’s up to you. Take all the classes only if you want to make more money.

Answer: The most popular way is with your computer speakers or a headset. Current online technology allows you to listen and speak via the internet with no additional phone charges. You also have the option to call the phone number included with each session. Toll charges may apply.

Answer: Online training is a major industry with many training and human resource managers relying on it to educate employees, students and every individual as well. Technology is a wonderful thing. It allows you to learn from experts in the comfort of your own home or office. No traveling, hotels or rental cars. The best thing about online training is, it works. You learn at your own pace and will retain more of what you learn.

Answer: If you miss the class, we provide you the recorded video of the class. You can relax and watch the video at free time. But involvement in the live class is more beneficial. So try to attend every class till the end because SVR provides you the flexible timings.

Answer: There is no matter of unsatisfied training provided till now. We have more than thousands of students who trained at SVR and leading their career in successful way. In case, we fail to satisfy you in terms of training, we will refund the amount paid.

Answer: Yes this can be possible but not always. We have some values to our institute which leads to our success. So try to be available when you have already schedule but incase its emergency, we will always help you by providing reschedule of session.

Answer: Not necessary. SVR is flexible in timings. We act as per customers need. So you can arrange the online session at your available time. If you fail to miss the online session, the recorded video is forwarded to your mail. So you can refer at your free time.

Answer: Yes, we give assignments during the course while completing each topic. This enhances your ability to contribute more time on your subject and gain knowledge as well. We give complete support to guide you at right path.

Answer: No, nothing is required to purchase to learn at SVR. We normally recommend having the net access of your own, if not we are ready to provide you the access; which costs additionally.

Answer: The aspects at our institute are easy communication with each individual, course related materials, recorded videos to your mails, friendly environment and lot more makes you feel comfortable with our SVR.

Answer: The most inspired aspect of our institute making easy communication and exploring the knowledge across the globe.

Answer: Definitely Yes! The tutors will discuss each and every topic of the course very clearly. You can sort out any kind of queries with the tutor in no time. The tutor also share their experiences and guide you in a successful path where ultimately leads to fulfill your career goals.

Answer: Yes, I do recommend joining SVR Technologies mainly because for a wonderful career ahead. SVR Technologies also provide the course at very reasonable price in India. You will nowhere find out this kind of valuable training all over the world. So be the part of SVR and grab the knowledge

Answer: After inquiry, you will start up with demo class. Once you’re satisfied and want to start the course, our customer support will help you to complete the remaining process.

Answer: You can enquire about a course by following reviews given by our previous students. There is other mode of enquiry, that is by attending free live demo before deciding to join or not. At free demo, you can enquiry by our customer support regarding any issue. You can also check out with the previously studied students about SVR

Answer: This question is answered by yourself once you get to know the benefits of online training and drawbacks of other mode of training. If I say great about my training, it doesn’t seems to be trust worthy but online training benefits for sure that is all I assure you. For getting better idea, visit our home page or contact our customer support.

Answer: Enrollment process is simple and easy. Visit our home page, you will find “students enroll” on the top right corner. Click on that and fill the details which are mandatory. If you have any queries, please feel free to contact our customer support. They will always help you.

Answer: Yes, we have students getting joined from all over the world. And we have limited registrations. We are striving hard to accommodate with more facilities by providing training for everyone who comes to us. So, please make sure to contact us at the earliest if you are looking for the training. We will definitely serve you better.

Answer: Don’t worry, we are here with you to explain in detail to get a clear idea about online training and how it works. Please visit our home page for more information. i.e.

Answer: No further costs involved during course training. We charge for the training and job support. We at all you need internet access from SVR, we provide at some extra charge.

Answer: Yes, you can pay in 2 installments. One is before the course started and other installment need to be paid after the 50% of course gets completed. Installment scheme makes you feel comfortable without having any pressure from our side.

Answer: Yes folks! We are mostly initiated this online training especially for the people out of India. As we are aware that many are waiting for the best place to get train at very reasonable price. So for solving the need, we have started sourcing the course training all over the world. Hence, no doubt “You are hearty welcome to start up the course”.

Answer: Yeah, you can surely learn more than one course. That is completely based on your interest. We can make you access to all the courses you are initiated to learn as we have different trainers for different courses. So we are most happy to teach you multiple courses.

Answer: Yes, you need to attend demo class before starting up the course. So, you will get better idea about how our SVR system will work and what actually the benefits of online training are. Hence, you can initiate your thoughts into actions.

Answer: You will receive access to online course once you pay the first installment of fee.

Answer: No. Our main branch is Visakhapatnam.

Answer: Yes, definitely we do have a demo class before starting off with other formalities. The little thing you need to do is go to SVR home page and fill your details on top right corner and click on “Try live online demo”. This is completely free.

Answer: Of course all the trainers at our SVR Technologies are real-time experienced experts. Please remove this question from your mind if you still have. You will automatically know how the trainer is and how much experienced after getting interacted by your respective course trainer. Don’t worry, “You trust us and we keep the promise”.

Answer: No, we don’t provide any certificate.

Answer: Yes, fee is negotiable at some cases. But not we don’t completely assure of negotiating. As actually we provide at very reasonable fee itself.

Answer: The eligibility concern to start up the course are being graduates, under graduates and working employees as well. Minimum eligibility to take up the course is having computer knowledge. Normally for few courses, you need to know about java but it is not mandatory.

Answer: No, we don’t provide any placement offers and give you job guarantee fake promises. But yes, we do provide assistance and train you to face any interview. The job support is done in terms of providing good assistance of interview questions, communication skills, in what gestures to be during interview and most importantly, the previous experiences with MNC’s interview. This complete support from SVR will make you get the job very easily.

Answer: No doubt, this course benefits your career. Every work we do have some or other purpose and used one or other day. In the same scenario, the course you learn from us will surely help you in designing your career in a better. We completely give you support whenever you are in need with respective to the course.