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Jira Training

Test Management in JIRA (Zephyr) Training

Jira is using for managing the tasks and requirements in their development of project can also manage and set up in the same instance test case.

We have some good reasons why JIRA can be such a great environment for test management:

  • You no need to create a new infrastructure
  • You would not have to implement new tools
  • No need for staff training
  • Agile teams can include test cases in your sprint
  • Interdisciplinary teams will thrive in JIRA ecosystem.
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Jira Training

Defect management in JIRA Training

JIRA lets us set up and prioritize, assign, track, report, and audit our ‘issues,’ whatever they may be from hardware defects and software issues bugs to improvement and change requests

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Jira Training

Generating reports in JIRA Training

By generating report Jira Software has a variety of reports. In this section, the documentation will help you configure and use the reports in Jira Software. This process you will be doing everywhere a project that you can use to show information about your project, epics, sprints, versions, and issues.

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Jira Training

Introduction to JIRA Agile Training

This Atlassian JIRA Agile course gets up to you grips with Atlassian’s Agile Project Management for JIRA add-on. The course will look at JIRA Agile basic concepts and cover the different out-of-the-box actions and functions available to JIRA Agile users. Click here to expand.

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Jira Training

Final Section Training

you can install it into your company’s JIRA instance after you have finished developing and testing your plugin so that the menu of new items are available for other people to use. You can install the plugin by using the Universal Plugin.

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About Our Faculty

✓ Devops Certified and working Lead Admin
✓ 9+ years of experience in insurance, Financial and Banking domains
✓ 5 years of expertise in corporate and online training
✓ Successfully trained more than 30 batches
✓ Trained more than 150 learners

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Jira Training course

This Jira Training course is well thought and composed in a way that will suit for the very basic and advanced JIRA user. You will learn about JIRA from very basic till advanced concepts of JIRA like SCRUM and KANBAN.
This Training started from very basic concepts and to advanced topics of JIRA. We will cover all the features of JIRA and explained how to implement Project Management, Test Management, Defect Management, Agile Software Development, Reporting and much more with JIRA.

Jira Modules

A good knowledge of a Jira system guarantees all the significant elements are well-covered. Besides this experience, you can improve your visibility and intensify your ability in forming real associations between different components of Jira Administration. Understand the JIRA System Properties, Global Permissions and advanced JIRA configuration settings will also give the entire material including all the concepts of this E-learning program

Course Modules

  • Test Management in JIRA (Zephyr)
  • Defect management in JIRA
  • Introduction to JQL and Advanced search
  • Generating reports in JIRA
  • Introduction to JIRA Agile
  • Final Section

Tableau Advantages

With Jira, the issue can send to the vendor by the groups and click on
A button by way of a customized Jira workflow. To get into Jira to see the details the vendor can click on the issues. All the work, communication, and issue tracking are managed in Jira.


SVR Technologies provide the way to online interactive practice sessions with the specialists on LIVE. In Jira training record path to course videos so that you can develop the practice anytime in future. SVR Technologies provides information regarding interview notification of Jira training. Proper guidance in resume preparation during the job search.

“Good training. I suggest everyone to take up the training in this institute. They offer courses at very low price compared to other online institutes. good support from trainer and recorded videos after every session are mailed to us for future reference. Thank You.”

– Divya Teja linkdin icon -SVR Technologies Twitter-Social-Icon

“I am very happy to be a part of SVR Technologies. I have started my course training in a very friendly environment. I am very scared and reserved kind before starting the course but later, I felt very comfortable with the SVR environment. The faculty always supported with positive guidance.”

– Siva Kumar linkdin icon -SVR Technologies Twitter-Social-Icon

“The instructors are definitely experts in their field, very helpful staff. They are very enthusiastic about what they teach, plus they give honest feedback, also put extra effort in students to learn faster & in easier way, I felt consistently motivated by their high standards of teaching. Can’t find better online faculty in IT field to learn & gain in short period of time”

– Bilquis AK linkdin icon -SVR Technologies Twitter-Social-Icon

“I am extremely satisfied with the course so far. Instructor is very good, I respect the way he teaches and really like the interest he comes with, i’m impressed. Concepts are clear understanding. I am very happy with the training and support they are providing. Wonderful learning experience.”

– Parimila Y linkdin icon -SVR Technologies Twitter-Social-Icon

“Quality: Faculty is experienced and same is true for students. Thus brought real life scenarios into class. Course progression is very logical and every lecturer builds the foundation for next lecture.

Convenient: Course is online, thus providing environment to learn in the comfort of my home. Videos are recorded, thus easy to review when necessary. Instructions are provided to setup labs in Virtual environment at home laptop/desktop.

Affordability: Fee is very affordable.

Based on Quality, convenience and fee – the review can be sum-up into — Excellent job!”

– Muhammed Azimi linkdin icon -SVR Technologies Twitter-Social-Icon

“It was nice experience with SVR the teaching process and teacher both were good. Overall good experience.”

– Shanthan Reddy linkdin icon -SVR Technologies Twitter-Social-Icon

“The trainer is knowledgeable and is clear in what he explains. If something is not clear he explains the topics again patiently.”

– Ashwini Kodati linkdin icon -SVR Technologies Twitter-Social-Icon

“Excellent training with many real time examples for each exercise. It is very useful course for me. Its very well organized and explain each and every question which I asked without any hesitation. Extremely satisfied with the training.”

– Kiruthiga Nallasivam linkdin icon -SVR Technologies Twitter-Social-Icon

“Everything was very smooth and consistent. The instructor did a great job !!! Trainer proficiency for this course was very good !!!”

– Pandu Palway linkdin icon -SVR Technologies Twitter-Social-Icon

“Faculty is very good and he is very responsible, very helpful. SVR is reasonable in pricing. I got Immediate response from the tutor, whenever i ping. Thank you for helping me out.”

– Shylaja linkdin icon -SVR Technologies Twitter-Social-Icon

“I just wanted to say that I am happy to choose SVR Technologies. The instructor was fantastic and incredibly nice, and I could not have hoped for a better teacher. He is an inspiration to anyone that truly wants to work. I have never had any other teacher or trainer as enthusiastic or knowledgeable as he is. Thank you for the support and the encouragement you gave me throughout the course.”

– Archana linkdin icon -SVR Technologies Twitter-Social-Icon

Our trainers have relevant experience in implementing real-time solutions on different queries related to different topics. SVR Technologies verifies their technical background and expertise.

We record each LIVE class session you undergo through and we will share the recordings of each session/class.

Trainer will provide the Environment/Server Access to the students and we ensure practical real-time experience and training by providing all the utilities required for the in-depth understanding of the course.

If you are enrolled in classes and/or have paid fees, but want to cancel the registration for certain reason, it can be attained within 48 hours of initial registration. Please make a note that refunds will be processed within 30 days of prior request.
The Training itself is Real-time Project Oriented.
Yes. All the training sessions are LIVE Online Streaming using either through WebEx or GoToMeeting, thus promoting one-on-one trainer student Interaction.
There are some Group discounts available if the participants are more than 2.
As we are one of the leading providers of Online training, We have customers from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, UAE and other parts of the world. We are located in India.

SVR Technologies,

Mobile: 91 88869 88814
Email: info@svrtechnologies.com
Web: https://svrtechnologies.com/

Fresher and who’s already working on other middleware technologies.
Jira Training

Tableau Course Details

Tableau Training

Additional Details about Jira Courses

SVR Technologies, number one source for high-quality online Video Tutorials of various courses in IT. We’re dedicated to giving you the very best of Video Tutorials, Self-paced Video courses, eLearning and multiple IT training videos with a difference. With our videos, you’re on the fast track to education with a focus on dependability, customer service, and uniqueness.

Atlassian Developed JIRA, It is a software that helps organizations to develop the management tool. And it contributes many peculiarities like issue tracking and project management etc. Software testing companies used a very versatile tool as it can be integrated with another tool like TestRail, scrum boards etc.

To improve code quality and the speed of development, JIRA Training helps to Provides issue tracking and project tracking for software development companies. JIRA Training leads towards issues, like editing, creating, and deleting issues, and manages the various other operations issues available on JIRA Program.

  • JIRA Training presents you a master in constituting the applications by leveraging abilities of JIRA.
  • JIRA Training arises with a system of configuration opportunities grows by learning how to correctly master them as an administrator.
  • JIRA Developer can earn an average salary of $101,200 PA in Jira Training.
  • Adopted by prime enterprises across different marketing Verticals. It has more than 60% market share.
  • JIRA Training has a number of opportunities in the IT Industry.

Jira Training program supports students with the knowledge gain expertise in the programming issues such as bug, issue tracking, and project management functions by employing Atlassian JIRA established issue tracking product. (devops Training) From this training program, you will have a clear view of on the following topics:

  • Build issue and progress it through the workflow of JIRA
  • Explain how issues are categorized in Jira
  • Observe the status of the issue as it flows through the workflow using the search.
  • simplify status requests by saving searches
  • Modify issues, changing priority and guardians
  • In one operation Update, multiple all issues to align with changing business requirements
  • Use versions to coordinate a product release
  • Communicate progress of project tasks using the Jira dashboard.

After attending this Jira Training course, attendees can understand modules of Jira:

  • Test Management in JIRA (Zephyr)
  • Defect management in JIRA
  • Advanced search and Introduction to JQL (JIRA Query Language)
  • Generating reports in JIRA
  • Introduction to JIRA Agile
  • Final Section
  • Software testers
  • Software developers
  • Test leads and managers
  • Managers of Scrum teams
  • Business Analysts
  • Product managers
  • Project managers (Devops Training Online)
  • Project administrators, JIRA admins, and system admins
  • Anyone interested in more about JIRA Training
  • No previous Atlassian JIRA experience is required

All our Jira Training projects are based on the JIRA platform that is planned by our trainer’s. Also (Devops Online Training In India) to gain practical knowledge and the benefit of learning the most popular Agile tools in a practical environment.

Project 1: Website of E-commerce Functionality Creation

In real time project of Jira platform, individuals can learn how the 3 agile (Scrum Master, Scrum Team, and Product Owner) roles complement each other.
It will also show how to manage multiple statements at a time. This project demo of e-commerce website will let the user understand and creating backlogs, user stories, tasks, and subtasks.

After successful completion of the Jira Training projects, There will be an exam where conducted by the Atlassian. (Devops Training Online HyderabadOnce you pass the exam with the pass mark, you will be eligible to receive a Jira certification

Exam fee: USD $350
Retakes: USD $150.50
Exam time: 180 minutes
Passing Score: 60%
No of Questions: 70 – 80

Your ACP Certification is valid for 18 months, just get related badges before the end date of certification. To keep your ACP Certification active

  • The average salary for Jira admin ranges from $77,143 per year the average salary for Systems Administrator is $122,994 per year.
  • In the market, Jira is in the leading technology and supported by many developers.
  • Jira Training, it will support more browsers and languages other than any other tool

Jira Training

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